The Venues and how to reach them

Find the location with multimap or with Google Maps. Search those sites by postcode.

For the Ross Bandstand the postcode is EH2 2HG.

The indoor venue for 29th May to 18th July is the hall of St Peters Church, 14 Lutton Place, EH8 9PE.

The indoor venue for Tuesdays 25th July to 22nd August is Stockbridge House, Cheyne St. EH4 1JB

The venues have good access by public transport. Information about the bus services may be found at Lothian Buses. Click on the Route Maps panel at the bottom of their home page. It is also possible to search for routes based on postcode on their site, which offers downloadable maps too. Princes Street is served by many buses.

If you are driving to the city from outside, you may find the Park and Ride schemes at Ingleston and Sheriffhall on the 48 bus route, or at Straiton on the 47 useful.

Happy Dancers 1
Photo curtesy of Jim Scott

Does it matter what I wear?

As you will see in the photos and videos throughout this site, there is no special dress code. It is a good idea to bring an extra layer to wear while sitting out. Men are encouraged to wear kilts but it is not essential. Note that the dancing surface in the gardens has recently been relaid, and we do not have experience of dancing on it yet. We are told that the new surface is similar to the surface often used in children's playgrounds. This probably means that it will not have much slip, but will be much softer than the former flagstones.

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