Our 2018 Programme

Dates, times, entrance costs etc

Dancing will take place:-


Dancing, whether indoors or out, begins at 7.30pm and continues until 9.30pm. Entrance is £5 for adults and £1 for children.

What do you need to know to participate?

The events in the Princes Street Gardens are open to all, from experienced dancers to spectators. As in previous years, each dance will be demonstrated once by a team of experienced dancers. The programmes principally comprise dances for which prior experience is desirable, but several simpler dances are also included which can be picked up instantly, and there are one or two of modest complexity which can be managed if sufficient people in the set know the dance.

The indoor dances are not demonstrated, but are called once before the dance. These dances, therefore, are more suitable for those with prior knowledge.

Need a reminder of the steps?

Click on the date in the table below to download a minicrib of that night's dancing.

Princes Street Gardens Fairmile Head Church Hall
28 May
Band: Graeme Monroe
29 May
Music: Marian Anderson
04 June
Band:Iain MacPhail
05 June
Music: Matthew MacLennan
11 June
Band Marian Anderson
12 June
Music: Stuart Anderson
18 June
Band: Callum Wilson
19 June
Music: Alastair Wood
25 June
Band: Alan Ross
26 June
Music: Iain MacPhail
Princes Street Gardens Stockbridge House
02 July 03 July
09 July 10 July
16 July 17 July
23 July 24 July
30 July: No Dancing 31 July
Mondays in August
No Dancing
Tuesdays in August
Programmes will appear here
when they are available
Stockbridge House
Tues 07 August
Music: Ewan Galloway
Tues 14 August
Music: Linday Weir
Tues 21 August
Music: Stuart Anderson
Tues 28 August

Our thanks to Jan Novak for preparing the cribsheets for August
and to Brian MacRae for the leaflets of the full programme.

These days there is a wealth of videos on the internet of groups performing Scottish country dances, so it can be helpful to type the name of the dance into a search engine like Google or Yahoo and investigate some of the suggested links. You may also find it helpful to refer to the following collection:- Note that we cannot guarantee the quality of dancing shown in these videos. Note also that some videos may contain more than one dance, so they may not begin with the one you were looking for.

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